Home Office Services

Home Office Design and Support

  • Improve your workflow by positioning your desk to support your work style.
  • Increase your comfort with simplified home office ergonomic tips.
  • Prevent headaches and eye strain with the simplest and best lighting.
  • De-stress and energize by connecting with nature.
  • Support focus and productivity with color psychology and architectural psychology.
  • Find space for a dedicated office in overlooked and underused areas.
  • Create inspiration without clutter by the attractive arrangement of your photos and personal mementos.

Home Office Consultation

  • Your consultation is a collaboration: Roger works with you to create a home office that supports your work style and lifestyle.
  • Use what you already own, or receive guidance to make the best choices in new furniture for your needs and budget.
  • Get an office layout plan for your improved home office or workspace.
  • Personalized small home office design tips.
  • Organization strategies that work for you.
  • Remote desktop support available 

COVID-19 precautions will be taken.