Communication is a broad subject but a Home Office main purpose is to communicate with clients and co-workers but also family and friends.

Communication may be an email, phone call, video call, or remote support.

But what about staying in touch with your older friends and family members?

A case Study

My Mother lives nearby but sometimes needs help but doesn’t want to wear a panic button or have live camera’s in her home.

Have installed Alexa Echo devices in every room and now when she needs help she can just say: Alexa, Drop in on Roger

The she will be on speakers in my home and can tell me what she needs and I can reply if I’m home or it will contact me though my phone.

The Alexa Show devices allow us to have a private video chat that has low latency, very little delay, allowing a natural conversation.

Alexa Echo Device Communication and Security

When connection to remote Echo Devices, Amazon Cloud Services ensures secure point to point communications with very low latency.

The local Wi-Fi Router connects the Echo Devices, your smart phone's Bluetooth is used for list of approved connections using phone Alexa App.